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3rd Workshop on Ultra-Low Power Sensor Networks (WUPS 2013)

Call for Papers


The workshop [1] will be held in conjunction with ARCS (Architecture of Computing Systems) [2] on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 at Hotel DAP, Vítězné nám. 684/4, 160 00 Prague, Czech Republic.


Ultra-low power sensor networks have gained importance these last few years due to a vast set of applications e.g. in automotive systems, in smart buildings and health-care monitoring. Sensor networks often need to operate autonomously without wired connection for long periods of time. To allow long maintenance cycles, two main strategies are common: Firstly, they should be able to operate on a long-lived battery or other means of energy sources, e.g. energy harvesting strategies. Secondly, ultra-low power approaches are used to consume as little energy as possible. The workshop is intended to give a good overview of current work in this area and problems and solutions in specific industry use cases.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Design methodologies for ultra-low power embedded systems

Power consumption estimation techniques

Energy harvesting: technologies and models

Simulation frameworks for wireless sensor networks

Power manager

Wake-up radio technologies

Low-power radio front ends

Energy-efficient communication protocols

Cross layer techniques

Applications of ultra-low power sensor networks: building automation, smart homes, smart cities, etc.

Industry submissions showing current state of the art are especially welcome.


Paper length should be between 4 and 6 pages. Layout instructions for authors can be found at [3]. Papers must be submitted using the upload system at


For ARCS 2013 participants the workshop is included in the conference fee; for participation in the workshop alone, there will be a reduced fee.


Important dates:

Paper submission deadline: 10.12.2012

Acceptance notification: 11.01.2013

Camera-ready deadline: 18.01.2013


Program Chair:

Olivier Berder, University of Rennes 1, IRISA, France


Program Committee:


Karim Benchehida, CEA-LIST, France

Carolynn Bernier, CEA-LETI, France

Florian Broekaert, Thales, France

Jean-Dominique Decottignie, CSEM, Switzerland

Jan Haase, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Alain Pégatoquet, LEAT, Université de Nice – Sophia Antipolis, France

Emanuel Popovici, University College Cork, Ireland

Olivier Sentieys,  INRIA/IRISA, France

Marian Verhelst, KU Leuven, Belgium



[1] WUPS 2013 Homepage:

[2] ARCS 2013 Homepage:

[3] VDE Author's guide:









Welcome and introduction

Olivier Berder / University of Rennes 1 – IRISA (France)



Keynote: WSN  nodes energy consumption simulation

Jan Haase / Vienna University of Technology (Austria )



Coffee Break

Session 1 : Energy Harvesting for WSN




Combination of hybrid energy harvesters with MEMS piezoelectric and nanowatt radio wake up to extend lifetime of system for wireless sensor nodes

Michele Magno, Nathan Jackson, Alan Mathewson, Luca Benini and Emanuel Popovici /  Universitą di Bologna (Italy),  Tyndall National Institute (Ireland) , University College of Cork (Ireland)



Prototyping an Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Network Application Using HarvWSNet

Carolynn Bernier, Amine Didioui, Florian Broekaert and Olivier Sentieys  / CEA-LETI, Thales Communications & Security,  INRIA (France)



Adaptive Filter for Energy Predictor in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

Trong Nhan Le, Olivier Sentieys, Olivier Berder, Alain Pegatoquet and Cecile Belleudy / University of Rennes 1 - IRISA, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis - LEAT (France)



Lunch Break

Session 2 : Simulation and Management of WSN



14 :00

Efficient Building Automation Simulation Using System on Chip Simulation Techniques

Joseph Wenninger, Jan Haase / Vienna University of Technology (Austria)



Simplified Commissioning and Maintenance for Wireless Sensor Networks: a Novel Software Tool

Levente Barta, David Boyle, Brendan O’flynn and Emanuel Popovici / Tyndall National Institute (Ireland) , University College of Cork (Ireland)

14 :30


Coffee Break



Mobility Management Approach for IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee Nodes in a Noisy Environment

Chiraz Chaabane, Alain Pegatoquet, Michel Auguin and Maher Ben Jemaa / University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis - LEAT (France), ReDCAD - University of Sfax (Tunisia)



On the Energy Savings of Adaptive Transmit Power for Wireless Sensor Networks Radio Transceivers

Muhammad Mahtab Alam, Olivier Berder, Daniel Menard and Olivier Sentieys / University of Rennes 1 – IRISA (France)


16 :15

WUPS closing